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Role of Schools in Affecting Education Results

Drs. Arif Nasdianto
Penilik PNFI Wilayah Kec. Matraman
Education is a process to integrate the individuals who are experiencing growth in collectivity's in the community. Activities occur in the education of children against the development potential of his life to meet in private and collective welfare in the community. As a conscious business, education is directed to prepare students through counseling, teaching and training in order to fill a certain role in society in the future.
In the national education system in Indonesia, the school has a strategic role as providers of educational institutions and is one of the social factors that can affect the results of the education / child study, (Tabrani Rusyan A., et al., 1989), to the many parents hope of the role schools can develop children's potential and ability to become a useful human being. The school is also next to the empty main objective of national education, namely (1) achieve the life of the nation, and (2) develop human Seton Indonesia, the man who believed in God and fear of the One God and the true noble character, ability and skills, health and physical spiritual, personality, and the steady self, and sense of social responsibility and nationalism. Disclosed that the purpose of education is providing direction for all channels, the types and levels of education ranging from basic education to higher education.
The existence of a school social institutions are external factors that can affect the results of learning / education students. Although the school is a universal phenomenon that can affect the results of children's education, does not mean that the school is left to grow as such. From time to time, the school various changes in the external environment. Therefore, schools need good management to become qualified. If both the school quality of education / learning children (students) will be good also.
Management School how good and how the results relate to education?. School management strategy is a good school that operates a school function as educational institutions regulated formal. Ben M. Harris is quoted again by syafarudin (2002) in the Integrated Quality Management in Education says there are five areas of school function, among others: 1. Teaching. This is a basic function to achieve the main goal of school operations. Business-related teaching and teaching related to the students directly. 2. Special services to students. This includes business functions that are associated with high student, but not related to teaching. Special services to students, among others, provide treatment, counseling, bus transportation, doctors, and others. 3. Management. This function is one of the business that is not related to teaching and also to students. This is a business affairs manager responsibilities, principals, supervisors, school board, as well as supervisors and teachers in the classroom. 4. Supervision. This function is a field that includes the relationship with the teaching, but also related to the students. Work supervisors, coordinators, consultants, curriculum specialists, principals and classroom teachers, they all affect teaching. Business of teaching also does not give directly to students' learning. Supervision to provide support services to the teaching function of the high associated with the teaching of children. 5. Administration. Field of public administration in the school operating a business is closely related to teaching or to the students. Here there is coordination, facilities, supervision of work into the characteristics of the school principal, director, supervisor and others.
This business is not closely related to teaching and students. Overall the main function of the school as expressed operationally related to the teaching and learning / education as the final goal. In this case Syafarudin (2002) describes as follows: Results Education / Learning Teaching Customer Service Supervision Special students Services Administration Management In the above chart disclosed that the function of teaching to be productive in the school operating. Services and supervision of special students appear to directly support the teaching, while management tends to be less services relate directly to teaching. Five functions of the school is divided in two main dimensions in the operational functions, the dimension related to the teaching and dimensions associated with the students.
All functions in the empty goal achievement the results of education. Content management in schools, all school activities must be managed by utilizing all the resources (resources) good human resources, materials, and funds in order to achieve the school effectively and efficiently. Effectiveness and efficiency of achieving the goal of effective means of teaching and on the estuary of the student achievement results and high quality education.
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