Kamis, 11 Juni 2009


oleh: Arif nasdianto,
Penilik Kec. Matraman Jakarta Timur
National Education is in the business life of the nation achieve more specific, goal directed in an effort to improve the quality of human resources and Indonesia as the most important factor in the implementation of national development.
Implementation of government policy in the framework of the above macro, the government emphasis on expanding opportunities for education for all Indonesian citizens, increasing the quality and efficiency of education management. Whereas in order to produce a micro is a graduate of quality education at every level and type. The creation of a quality graduate education is a systematic effort to contact each other between the Input, Process, Output and Outcome.
Tutor (staff's) is one of the factors predictive factor is determine the success of activities in education. Therefore, efforts to increase the capacity and skills of teaching must be continually strived through education and training in accordance with their needs. This meant that the tutors Package A, B, C have the ability to do its work and professional skills, expertise and finesse that is required for a tutor to carry out the task of learning at the time of the tutorial, self-study guide and study groups. Requirements, among other things, (1) the material, (2) managing the program, (3) manage the class, (4) the runway education, (5) using the media / resources, (6) manage the learning interaction, ( 7) assess the achievement of learning, (8) the functions of guidance and counseling program in the study groups, (9) and conducting the administration PKBM / school, (10) understand the principles and interpret results of educational research for the sake of learning.
Reality in the field showed that the implementation of the package A, B, C system is designed with the learning module can not run as expected, energy tutor package A, B, C are mostly not from education, many have not understand the model of learning modules, the minimal administration of the Package A, B, C, low Managerial Manager in carrying out the Program Package A, B, C, persuasive manager less visible to the tutor. This is due tutor training package A, B, C or less focus on the tutorial material, lack of a tutorial book. To managemen , then we as the inspector must give a proposal to the bureaucratic authorities immediately so that the implementation of training / upgrading specifically for tutors Program Package A, B, C. (ARIF NASDIANTO. Penilik Jakarta Timur)

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